Wiremonkey AV

Wire Monkey AV is a company that offers installation for audiovisuals in Columbia, SC. We want you to enjoy the fantastic feeling of having audiovisual electronics in your life.

We are a team of experts who set up a home camera security system, smart home device installation, and home networking. Providing custom-tailored designs specifically for your needs to maximize your satisfaction.

We recommend hiring experts to install an audiovisual because it requires skills and knowledge if you’ve just purchased an audiovisual. We will help you understand how your audiovisual works, how to maintain it, and how to use it. For example, you bought a home theater, you can’t just install it, you have to consider the room size, its shape and the furniture that might block the sound. It is quite complex so why just call us? Wrong handling and installation of electronics may result in dangerous methods and materials, wrong electrical configurations, bad wiring, and your device not working. Let us help you, so you won’t have to stress out.